End of Term – July 2017

This has been a fantastic term for Park House School. The term started at top speed and has not slowed down much since. The boys and girls have been on top form and the staff have thoroughly enjoyed teaching and supporting them this year. For the Senior Management Team, there is nothing more fulfilling than a cohesive, united school, where every pupil and colleague shares a sense of purpose and wants to see the best for everyone around them. That is exactly how Park House School has felt to us this year.

End of term Barbecue

Next Thursday sees us finish for the Summer holiday.  As usual we will be holding our end of term barbecue and fete for children and parents starting at 11.30 a.m. to which everyone is invited. If you are able to come along and join us, then you can collect your child and take them home at any time from 1.00 p.m. If you are not able to be here then your child will go home as usual at 15.30 by taxi.

What we have done

Events this term included our regular stall at Park Farm Open Weekend. This is where staff and pupils make and grow various items to sell at the event with the intention of raising funds for something for the children to use at school. This year we have decided to work towards raising money for a basket swing and the £300 raised at Park Farm will go straight into the pot for this.

We have joined the Royal Horticultural Society ‘For Schools’ programme, which will enable us to use our beautiful grounds to their fullest potential and allow the pupils to take ownership of the nurturing of certain aspects of the garden.

We are currently in the final stage of completing The Vinery by building the disabled toilet block on the back of it. Once this is completed, the intention will be to completely overhaul the sensory garden, making it a larger and more interesting place for the pupils to explore and relax.

The staff have enjoyed shared lunches held at the Chapel each day with the pupils. The conversations are always guaranteed to be interesting and although opinions often differ, it is encouraging to see our pupils being able to eat and talk together in such a large group.


We have had 3 new pupils joining us this year; Lucy, William and Connor. They have all been welcomed with open arms to Park House and are settling in well. It must be daunting for any new pupil to start in a new school, but the staff do a great job to make this transition as smooth as possible. Another new pupil, Meredydd will be joining us in September and has been on several transition visits. We are all excited about his arrival.

One of our longest serving pupils, Niall, will be leaving this August. Niall has been with us for 9 years, and has recently been working hard to complete his GCSE’s. He is now moving on to Huntingdon Regional College, where he has been going one day a week as part of his transition programme. He has matured to be a lovely young man and he will be missed immensely. We are all incredibly proud of his achievements whilst at school.


During the Easter term Tom joined us as a teacher and Claire will also be joining us as a teacher in September. Tom is doing a fantastic job working with the pupils and Claire is very excited to join the team. We have also had 5 new keyworkers join us. Robert, Ian, Megan, Natasha, and Sue, all of whom are proving to be great assets to the school and have settled in extremely well.

Friends of Park House School

With help from staff, parents and volunteers, we have finally been able to set up the Friends of Park House School charity. The main focus for FOPHS is on fundraising and support for Park House School with events throughout the year. It is still in its infancy, but is looking to be a very exciting project to be part of. If any parents/carers are interested in helping with this, please contact Luke at school. Since the start of term, parents, staff and pupils have raised just over £800 which is a fantastic achievement.

School Trips

Two of our pupils, Josh and Joshua, have been learning French.. Their learning culminated in a 3 day trip to France for the boys. They had the chance to use some of the language they had learnt and experience the culture of a different country.    Our school trip to the Thomas Centre was also a resounding success. It gives the opportunity for our pupils to socialise in an environment other than school and experience activities that they wouldn’t normally do so in a normal school day.   Both of these trips wouldn’t be possible without the support and commitment of the school staff, so a big thank you to all staff involved for making these experiences possible for the pupils.

Pupils visited Twin Lakes Adventure Park near the end of this term and all had a fantastic day out. It is great to see our pupils enjoying each others company in environments other than here at school.

Activity Week

We have our usual activity week during the summer holidays. Now that admissions to this are closed, please could I ask for payment to be sent to Charley in the school office as soon as is convenient.

Staff Training

Ten of our staff have completed an accredited Elklan training course in communication support for pupils with complex communication needs. Elklan writes and delivers accredited courses for education and other staff working with those with speech, language and communication needs.  The training was delivered by our accredited Elklan tutors, Alison and Claire and staff are now putting the skills they have learnt into practice across school.    We are planning to train more staff next year in supporting verbal pupils with ASD.

Summer Exams

As you know we are an exam centre accredited with OCR and Edexcel. This enables us to provide our pupils with a familiar environment to take their examinations. We also offer this service to external candidates who might not be able to access exams in a mainstream environment.

We would like to thank all parents and pupils for their friendliness and warmth this term. We know we have to get hundreds of different things right for each one of our very individual children, but we do feel that we are getting there and know that all children are making progress. The great thing about Park House School’s parents is that you clearly want things to work out well for your children, which is indeed our shared vision at school. That is why we find it such a pleasure to teach and work here. At the same time, the staff here are amazing – the level of their commitment is enough to exhaust any observer as they move through very full and active weeks, involving leading and participating in group sessions, individualised activities, planned and emergency meetings, paperwork and planning, pastoral support and academic work to overseeing school outings in the rain. our school is an exciting, energising, and, at times, exhausting, but every day is new and different and makes for a great place to work and grow and to be part of building a remarkable community.

Term dates for Autumn Term 2017

The new term and school year starts for the children on Tuesday 5th September 2017

It only remains for us to wish you and your family a lovely summer holiday.

Yours truly

Tim, Luke and Alison