Newsletter: Making plans for the Summer term

RE: Making plans for the half term June – July 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

I hope that you and your family are keeping safe and well. We all continue to live in a challenging time where, perhaps, the messages we are receiving, from so many different sources, only serve to confuse us and make us question our own judgements as to what we believe is the right course of action, to keep not only ourselves, but others around us, as safe as possible.

It would now appear that the earliest that the school might re-open for all pupils at the same time may be 1st July. This will be dependent upon certain conditions being met either nationally or regionally in the run up to this date. If social distancing within schools is a requirement for opening on 1st July for all pupils at once, then we will not be able to re-open fully and alternative provision will continue to be required.

Tuesday 12th May – Friday 22nd May

For the last two weeks of this half term we will continue with our current arrangements. Those children and young adults currently at home will continue to be offered both online Zoom learning, tutorial and social sessions, as well as additional resources to work on at home. These physical resources will be delivered this Friday, 15th May, ready for week beginning 18th May. Work sent home on Friday 22nd May will be work to be completed during the week beginning Monday 1st June, not the week beginning Monday 25th May.

Monday 25th May – Friday 29th May

This week is half term week and our pupils would not normally be expected to do any school based activities during this week. There will be no online sessions offered during this week.

Monday 1st June onwards

I would like, once again, to offer those pupils who are currently at home, the opportunity to come into school for two days a week from Monday 1st June.

There is no requirement for any pupil to start attending school if the decision their parents and they themselves reach together is that, both individually and collectively, they would continue to feel safer working from home for a further few weeks. Each family will take into account their own particular individual needs, medical conditions, mental health levels and so on and whatever the decision this will be respected by us as a school. Those pupils remaining at home, will be offered similar levels of provision to that being offered now.

Should any more children/young adults want to return to school after half term, I will need to re-organise the way we are currently working so as to ensure that, as far as is possible, we can respect the social distancing requirements, ensure that cleaning and disinfection control is really tight and reschedule which staff attend school on which days. You would think that with only 23 children this would be a minor task, but I can assure you that it is a logistical nightmare!

In addition to what happens here in school, we will also need to look at the transport implications of more children returning to school. I am not prepared to add to the risk of infection by re-instating pupils coming to and returning from school by taxi. With only six cars, we cannot transport more than 6 pupils to and from school on any given day. In order to minimise the risk of cross-infection and to respect the social distancing measures, we cannot put more than one pupil in a car and for safeguarding reasons, there should be two adults in the car if at all possible.
It would therefore be a considerable help to us if parents, especially those parents of children living closest to school, could bring their child to school and collect them at the end of the day.

If your child will be returning to school after half term for the first time since we went into lockdown, please also let me know your proposal/requests regarding transport to and from school.

If I do not hear from you by this day and time I will assume that you wish things to stay as they are for your child.

I want to repeat again, that there is no pressure from us for your child to attend school for two days a week, if you believe that they and/or other members of your family living with you will be safer at home with you during the month of June.

As we get towards the middle of June and the position with regard to COVID 19 is then, hopefully, a little clearer, I will once again be asking parents of children at home if they want to reconsider their position from 1st July.

I do hope that you all continue to stay safe, remain alert and are able to interpret the advice currently being given to us all so that you can protect yourself and your family from any possibility of contracting this virus and so remain healthy and well in the coming weeks and months.

Yours truly


Tim Howley


Park House School