Newsletter – Coronavirus

Dear Parents

I am sure that you have all been keeping abreast of developments with regard to the continuing spread of Coronavirus, now renamed Covid 19 on the government website:

The latest information remains that if any member of your immediate family returns from one of the high risk areas, which are updated each day on this site, then they should self-isolate for 14 days, whether or not they have any current symptoms.  It is your choice then as to whether or not you as a family self-isolate for this period.

This term in the children’s Looking After Myself Lessons we have been looking at Personal Hygiene.  This week we are working on being aware of when hands and fingernails are dirty and the importance of effective hand washing using soap and hot water.   Whilst hand sanitising gel has apparently sold out in some places, this can have negative effects on skin if overused and as soap and water are much more readily and easily available we will continue to use this in school.   

As you will know, all schools and universities have been closed for 10 days in Italy, where there has been a significant outbreak of this virus.  As yet there is no guidance from our Government other than that originally given about how individuals should self-monitor and then take the appropriate action should they believe they may have contracted the virus.

As yet, no one at school has been tested for the virus and, hopefully, this will continue to be the case!  The only reasons that the school will close are:

  1. A member of our school community is tested for the Covid 19 virus and found to be positive.
  2. We are instructed, by local or national government to close in order to minimise the risk to staff and pupils of contracting the virus.

Should either of these possibilities become a reality, and I sincerely hope they will not, I will, of course, inform you immediately.  You may wish, however, to start making plans for your child’s care should the school have no alternative but to close

Yours truly,

Tim Howley


Park House School