Welcome to Park House School Parent/Carer Zone

Our ethos is based on a positive partnership between pupils, parents/carers and the staff of Park House School.

  • Our Home – School diary system:
  • Immediate and regular method of 2-way communication between parents/carers and staff at PHS
  • Daily messages sent to and from home and school
  • Keeping parents/carers and staff aware of ongoing issues

School Information

We hope you find the following information – including medical, therapy services and first aid – useful. For further queries or to speak with member of staff, leave a message and/or to visit school to discuss the progress of your child, please telephone the school office on 01733 271187.

Medical/Therapy Services

  • Pupils remain registered with their own GP, optician and dentist. We are able to provide Medical/Therapy Services as determined by the child’s SSEN/EHCP or by
    assessed need. These include occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and clinical/educational psychology.
  • Parents/carers are asked to inform the school on admission and thereafter if medication is taken regularly.
  • Any prescribed medication to be taken during the school day must be clearly labelled and in its original packaging. As a school we have 1 central point for the storage and administration of medicine. This is carried out by the designated medicine administer, and is carefully recorded, dated and signed.
  • We help support the emotional health and wellbeing of all pupils. The pastoral care of our pupils is overseen by the Head of Therapy.

Illness and First Aid

  • If your child becomes ill during the day we will telephone you and if necessary ask you to collect your child to go home. If we are able to support you with a transport arrangement we will do so.
  • In the case of a minor accident, a First Aider will deal with injuries and you will be notified. For anything more serious we will contact you and arrange for your child to be transferred to the local hospital by ambulance for treatment. A First Aider/Keyworker will always wait with a child until you arrive during the school day.
  • We ask for correct emergency contact numbers of parents/carers, and an alternative in case we are unable to contact you directly.