Introducing Park House School specialist teachers and key-workers

We hire specialist, highly-trained staff. Their skills are monitored and termly supervision sessions help ensure high standards of teaching. Our staff participate in continual development programmes, including nationally accredited training courses.  All staff undertake annual Safeguarding, First Aid, Norfolk STEPS – STEP-ON (De-escalation) and STEP-UP (Positive Handling)) and Fire Awareness Training.  Staff are trained and, when appropriate, use TEACCH (including work stations, visual timetables), PECS, Social Stories and Social Thinking strategies.

Meet the Team


Jane Crossland

Alan Crossland

Tacita Crossland

Tom Crossland

Beth Rich


Gemma Simper

Business Manager

Business Manager

Head of Psychology

Head of Therapy

Assistant Psychologist

Assistant Psychologist

Abbie Sewell – BSc Psychology

Teacher Team Leader

Joshua Howley – BA (Hons), PGCE in PE (Secondary)
Josh has just worked through his NQT year with us after studying for his PGCE at the University of East Anglia. He is responsible for delivering Physical Education in school and has numerous coaching and refereeing qualifications from a variety of National Sporting Bodies.  Josh also plays the drums and guitar to a high standard.

Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapists

Linda Webster – DipCOT, Reg HCPC (Occupational Therapist), MemberBAOT
Linda works with students in her capacity as an occupational therapist developing and increasing fine motor skills using sensory based craft activities. She runs individual and group sensory sessions to develop sensory skills and to help overcome existing difficulties. As a therapist she is also involved in supporting activities teaching daily living skills.  Linda leads sensory processing and sensory circuit training for keyworkers.

Donna Guest 

Speech and Language Therapists

Kristina Smith – Reg HCPC (Speech and Language Therapist)

Rebecca Ford – REG HCPC (Speech and Language Therapist)



Vicky Welbourne
Vicky  is a newly appointed teacher

Ian Bardrick – BSc (Hons), MEd, PGCE in Chemistry and Physics
Ian is a qualified science teacher with a wealth of experience in both Education and Industry. He is responsible for delivering the Science curriculum to our Key Stage 3 students to exam level if appropriate.  Ian is also a fully qualified BR Level 3 rowing instructor and teaches some of our pupils rowing on a weekly basis.

Susan Mashford
Susan is a qualified Maths teacher with many years of valuable experience.  She teaches all of our pupils who are at the appropriate developmental level to engage in the more rigorous academic work needed to sit nationally recognised qualifications.



Each child has a 1:1 keyworker appointed with a particular pupil in mind. Keyworkers front a lot of the day to day activities the child will be involved in and as members of the team as a whole have joint responsibility for the planning and execution of the appropriate, individualised and multi-disciplinary programmes of work for the children.

Tracey Taylor –  NVQ Level 3 Early Years Care and Education, City and Guilds Cert in Adult Literacy and Numeracy
Tracey is a valuable part of the team. She brings a wide range of experience to the school, particularly working with children on the Autistic Spectrum and Global Developmental Delay.   Tracey works alongside Tracy Mays-Saxby in coordinating the ASDAN syllabus. 
Tony Weldon  
Tony is an enthusiastic member of staff. As well as his key worker role, he works with many pupils on horticulture projects.
Tony is a qualified accredited swimming teacher and lifeguard.
Kathryn Forster – BTEC National diploma in Early Years,  Level 2 in Health and Safety in the Workplace
Kathryn is responsible for ensuring the curriculum for the Special co-hort is implemented appropriately. Her organisation and strategic implementation of this is key to ensuring the appropriate levels of pupil progress is achieved and often exceeded.
Ben Spriggs –  NVQ Levels 1,2 & 3 in Catering and Hospitality, Level 2 Certificate in Electrotechnical Technology
Ben is a willing keyworker who can utilise his skills to anything technology based. In addition to his Keyworker responsibilities Ben also has responsibility for our ever growing fleet of cars, making sure they are safe and legal for pupil excursions.
Charlotte Sansom – NVQ Level 3 in Health & Social Care  
Charlotte works hard to ensure the experience and understanding she has gained through education and work is implemented in the day to day education, welfare and care of the children she works with.  She is very patient, capable and has a great sense of humour.
Shana Hart 
Shana is one of our longer serving members of staff. She has successfully worked across all of the cohorts with numerous children who have autism from all ranges of the spectrum.
Katy Edwards
Katy’s approach to the pupils is always fantastic. She uses her wealth of experience to ensure all pupil targets are met throughout the year.
Karen Cherry
Karen’s ability to work across cohorts has proven to be a huge asset to the school. She is willing to tackle new challenges on a daily basis. She has Stage 1 and Stage 2 TA qualifications.
Charlene Porter
Charlene works across most of the cohorts. Her ability to adapt to ever changing scenarios demonstrates her capabilities within school.
Adam Sampson – BTEC National Diploma in Sport (Development, Coaching and Fitness), NVQ in Activity Leadership 
Adam is a huge asset to the team. His ability to work in the most demanding situations and come out with positive solutions enables us to nurture pupils to the highest level. He is a F.A. Level 2 football coach and has a F.A. coaching disabled footballers award; he is a level 1 Cricket Coach and a Level 2 Trainer in Rebound Therapy (Trampoline).
Vicki Tansley – Level 2 & 3 Diploma in Supporting Teaching and Learning, Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care, Level 1 & 2 Information Technology 
Vicki’s caring approach to pupils comes from her experience and expertise in past employment. Her dedication to the job shows in her daily attitude towards the pupils.
Louise Turner
Although only being with us a short time, Louise has made a great impact on the delivery of learning at PHS. Her willingness to work with any pupils in differing situations, is a great asset to the school.
Helen Evans
Helens willingness to adapt to all academic abilities across school enables us to use her skills in many challenging scenarios. She is a valued member of the team.
Kirsty Cairns
Kirsty has brought her nurturing background from the NHS to Park House School. She is a key part of our Learning Mentor team and also is responsible for ensuring the schools Risk Assessments are maintained.
Megan Carter
Megan is starting her career with us at PHS and has already shown great knowledge and understanding of ASD. She is keen to learn and a valued member of the team
Sue Bamforth
After working in a mainstream school for a number of years, Sue came to us recently from a local primary school. She has a huge amount of knowledge surrounding ASD.
Robert Bugalski
Robert has a wealth of experience with working with children with ASD. He worked previously at a local special school and had joined us recently. He shows great interest in all levels of the Autistic Spectrum.
Mel Jacombs
Shannon Burton
Charlotte Brunton
Hayley Williams
Hannah Bamforth
Brian Winterton
Nataniel Tomaszewski
Claire Clark
Ian Adu
Carina Jarvis