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Progress & Achievements

We celebrate every success, no matter how large or small.


This helps our pupils develop their self-esteem and embrace their individual learning journey. We take the unique needs of every pupil into account when measuring progress and we love to celebrate pupil's success stories, especially during school assemblies.

We believe in rewarding appropriate behaviour, social interaction, independent life skills and qualifications. This means we celebrate every element of school life, from the quality of work produced each week and any formal exam qualifications gained, to learning to cook simple meals or catch the local bus.

Goal Setting and Progress:

  • Staff and family members or carers set goals together, during reglar home & school visits

  • We require you to attend regular Individual Education Plan meetings

  • We chart behaviour, interaction and independent life skills

  • Young people are motivated by real life rewards that matter

Learning is continuously assessed against the goals and targets set. This enables staff to identify areas of focus to help your child's progress in a positive and targeted direction.

Our pupils have the opportunity to undertake formal external examinations or qualifications such as GCSE English, Mathematics and Science, BTECs, ASDANs, Functional Skills in Numeracy and Literacy. Pupils will only be entered into examinations or qualifications as appropriate for their indivdual needs and future goals. 

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